about FDM 

The fascia distortion model (FDM) is a new method of pain management in medicine. Formed from the Latin terms "fascia" (bundles) and "Distorsio" (twist/sprain), FDM is used very effectively in the case of pain in the musculoskeletal system and enjoys an ever-growing popularity among therapists and patients.


FDM ist used, inter alia, in shoulder pain, back pain (lumbar disc herniation, arthritis ,lumbago etc.), knee pain (twisting, cruciate ligament rupture, etc.), sports injuries of any kind as well as numerous other painful condition images.


The fascial distortion model is based on a new diagnosis, that fascial distorsions have triggered the pain. The diagnosis is based on the self-perception of people. Each fascial distortion is specifically painful and may therefore be well distinguished from the patient.


Through a visual diagnosis, in which specific reproducible gestures of patients are interpreted to identify the causative for the individual clinical picture the therapist will quickly succeed.


The derived treatment is usually manually as it is taught in our seminars. Other treatment methods to remedy the fascial distortions - about surgical - are conceivable in principle. The current world's focus however, lies in manual handling techniques.