Registration is (even before the deposit) binding, which means that cancellations after that falls under the then prevailing cancellation policy .

The Seminar places will be awarded in order of incoming payments to the account of FDM - Typaldos - International and can also be assured only after that, to the extent there are still places available.

The payable amount depends on the time of payment, instead of the date of registration.


The cancellation fee is for cancellation from 3 weeks before the start of the seminar 30 % of the seminar fee. If you cancel one week before the seminar or in the case of absenteeism, the cancellation fee is 100 % of the seminar costs, or you send a substitute participant instead. We recommend taking out cancellation insurance!


In the exceptional cases the scheduled speakers cannot keep the seminar, an equally qualified substitute lecturer will do the job.

In the equally exeptional case, the course can not take place, due to reasons caused by the organizers, or in the case of overbooking, 100 % of the paid seminar price will be refunded.


We like to point out that employees of the Vienna Hospital Association, may not be reimbursed of costs, by the KAV itself. The price includes the course fee, a handout, snacks and in case of 3 - day seminars, lunch on the 2nd day of the seminar.


By registering, the seminar participant agrees, that he will pass on his knowledge of the FDM before passing an instructor exam at the EFDMA, neither commercially nor for free as part of itself or externally organized courses. Not included in this clause is the transmission of knowledge and skills to colleagues and exchange of experience with colleagues on a small scale .


In applying the techniques learned, the participants have to move within the limits of what they're entitled according to their basic training as a doctor, osteopath or physiotherapist.


For all treatment episodes in patients , the seminar participants will be liable .


Please note that the terms and conditions are to be fully respected.