origin of FDM

Fotoquelle: fdm-europe.com
Fotoquelle: fdm-europe.com

FDM was published and developed by the US emergency physicians and osteopaths Dr. Stephen TypaldosHe had observed that his patients, despite different medical diagnosis, repeatedly used the same words and gestures when describing their symptoms. He noted that the causes of this phenomenon are six different fascial distortions leading singly or in combination with different parts of the body to the respective complaints and are described by the patients accurately .

Fotoquelle: fdm-europe.com
Fotoquelle: fdm-europe.com

Typaldos refined diagnosis and treatment of the discovered fascial distortions in the emergency departments of several major US hospitals. 

In 1996 he settled in his praxis in Bangor Maine, to  focus on the development of FDM.

He has published articles and several books on the FDM and  in 2001 and 2005 organised the first international congresses dealing with FDM supported by his assistant Marjorie.


After Typaldos' surprising death in 2006 the Asian, European, American and from 2010 also the African FDM society together took over the dissemination and development of FDM within the meaning of the founder.


FDM World Congress in Vienna 2011, organized by the EFDMA,

was a strong sign of life of the international FDM practitioners and offered a great forum to exchange information on an international level on the FDM.


advantages of Typaldos Method

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