Dr. Markus Breineßl 

Specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, General Practitioner, Osteopath and FDM instructor since 2010, co-founder of Typaldos Seminar 


First came into contact with FDM 2006 during the final phase of his osteopathy studies at Vienna School for Osteopathy. Followed by four mounth hospitating Dr. Georg Harrer, the only FDM instructor in europe at that time. Dr. Breineßl first was allowed to worked as assistant, later on, since 2009 he worked as provider und cofounder for Typaldos Seminar. 


Since 2010 he works as FDM instructor as well. After many years working in Viennese hospital, Dr. Breineßl was able to work completely specialized in FDM at his premises in Vienna. 


„FDM has changed my live, outhers shoud be able to say that too about themselfes!"